Join the Team

Any student interested in working with Team PrISUm, whether it be for a weekend, a few months, or their entire college career, is welcome to join and participate at whatever level they are comfortable with.

We open our doors to students from all fields and majors because it requires many areas of expertise to take a car from design to testing to racing. With a project of this magnitude, it's easy for students to participate in the aspects of the club that specifically interest them.

The vast majority of parts on the cars are designed and built by members of the team, making this a great opportunity for students to get hands on experience in engineering. The team prepares members to work in the diverse cultural and multidisciplinary environments found in today's global society. Apart from engineering, each individual is involved with fundraising and outreach, which provides a wider perspective on the business environment. Many members also gain leadership experience by taking director positions and building a foundation of qualities vital to the future of our society.

To get involved, simply stop by our garage in "Old" Sweeney Hall during the day or come to a team meeting. You'll find our building directly north of the Marston water tower. We are always glad to help new members get started quickly with exciting team projects. Keep in mind that while we have meetings in the evening, well over half of the work on our car gets done during the day and on weekends. It's important to attend our meetings, but if you want to take it to the next level and become an integral member of the team, stop by our garage during the day between classes and work closely with a team director. This way, you are much more likely to get individual attention and one on one interaction. Our directors are very approachable and eager to mentor the students who will eventually take over their positions. Team members who take initiative rise quickly and it's not uncommon to receive a director position after being on the team for just a semester.

Team Meetings

General Meetings Last Monday of Each Month 7:00PM As Announced
Director Meetings Monday 6:00PM "Old" Sweeney 1322
Mechanical Meetings Tuesday 6:00PM "Old" Sweeney 1322
Business Meetings Thursday 6:00PM "Old" Sweeney 1322
Electrical Meetings Wednesday 6:00PM "Old" Sweeney 1322
Mechanical Work Sessions Saturday 12:00PM "Old" Sweeney 1322
Electrical Work Sessions Sunday 12:00PM "Old" Sweeney 1322

Why Join Team PrISUm?

Learn about alternative energy.
Meet new people.
Use CAD and FEA software to design car components.
Make valuable contacts in industry.
Work with advanced carbon fiber and Kevlar composites.
Build circuit boards.
Drive solar cars.
Learn to fundraise and interact with sponsors.
Teach the community about solar power.
Great experience for your resume.
Use CFD software to optimize aerodynamics.
Gain real world experience.
Travel across the country.
Write software.
Build components for the solar car.
Apply what you learn in class.